Wireless Expense Management System



LibraryMax offers a proactive software tool that was specifically designed to simply and efficiently Manage all of your wireless needs:

-Our platform generates real time email alerts and detailed information on your data, text and minutes use.

-Our team can provide updates within the current bill cycle, giving us the ability to set up your wireless accounts with the appropriate plans based on your company’s usage.

-This eliminates overpaying for voice, data and text and allows us to detect potential misuse, make the necessary changes and avoid large overage charges before they are billed.

-We also provide reporting and cost allocations tools that will reduce cost by saving time in both your accounting and IT departments.

Businesses continue to overpay for their wireless services and wireless providers will continue to drive revenue anyway they can for their large cellular communication corporations. With our industry knowledge, proactive approach and cutting edge automated systems, Smartel has emerged as one of the leading wireless expense management companies in the country. Our team is constantly adapting and creating new and innovative ways to keep pace with the ever evolving industry. We listen to our clients, value their feedback and implement the latest most effective business strategies on the market.