Maurice J. Freedman

mitchMaurice J. Freedman, MLS, PHD

 Consultant for LibraryMax

Consultant for LibraryMax, Past President of American Library Association

LITA Award for Achievement in Library and Information Technology (ALA’s highest award for IT achievement).¬† Third such recipient–after Frederick Kilgour and Henriette Avram.

Consultant or speaker in 30 countries, most states in the U.S., and for university, college, public, and special libraries, and national, regional, and local library associations or library unions

Voluminous publisher on bibliographic control, collection development, and interlibrary resource sharing

Substantial experience as a research library manager; manager with profit and loss responsibility of an information industry firm; a public library manager and director; director of a cooperative library services agency; and professor and ongoing lecturer at library & information schools in U.S. and other countries

Enormous experience in working with professional library associations–vendors, members, organizational management and development

Numerous awards

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