Bob Baker

Bob-Baker-05Bob Baker is the President of LIBRARYMAX.

I am ultimately responsible for all aspects of the firm’s strategy, team and operations. I have championed LIBRARYMAX’s commitment to delivering the best record of client results in the consulting industry. Over 30 years of professional sales and marketing experience calling on buyers at the headquarters level. I have successfully managed sales programs for a variety of national and major accounts in all classes of trade. My experience includes organizing and training Rep/Broker/Distributor sales forces, along with developing programs and promotions for National, Regional, Specialty and Key Accounts. I also have experience in conducting business with a variety of distribution channels. I have been involved in budgeting, trade spending, forecasting, trade marketing, advertising, prospecting for new accounts, along with analyzing syndicated marketing and industry reports. I have been involved in various industry and account specific expositions and trade shows throughout my career. I have also worked with corporate CEOs on investment idea generation, strategic due diligence and portfolio company improvement.


Here are some highlights of my experience:
• 35 years library sales/marketing experience.
• CEO/President of 3 companies.
• Library Interface Systems,Inc- acquired by Baker & Taylor Company.
• Pioneer in Library Automation of Card catalogs to Marc Records.( over 2 million shelf list cards converted to LC Marc Records )
• Sales/ Marketing Consultant to over 10 Library Vendor companies for 20 years.( including Baker & Taylor, CLSI, General Research Corp. Innovar,Information Dynamics and Information Design).
• #1 sales representative for 4 library companies for over 10 years.
• Former Apple Software Developer
• Award Winning Geodesic Dome Designer/Builder.

 • Elected to Who’s Who in America

  I am a “Type A” personality with a lot of motivation and energy with the ability to motivate and energize the people around me, and my interpersonal skills are excellent. I bring to any position a great deal of insight, experience, business maturity and desire to succeed in meeting the challenges of today’s marketplace. One of my biggest attributes is the ability to develop strong relationships and build rapport with people in a very short time and I have a very professional and polished sales image. I will travel as extensively and intensively as necessary to accomplish the Company’s goals.